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A network of experts supportingĀ research thatĀ matters

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Support Unit

Business Library

The Business Library team provides resources and services to support business-related research and teaching at the university. We help foster scholarship, teaching, and innovation by committing to the access, dissemination, creation, and preservation of information and knowledge.

Support Unit

Data Acquisition and Governance

Data Acquisition and Governance specialists provide data consultation, data licensing, data onboarding, and data access services for individual GSB faculty members and the larger GSB community.
Support Unit

Data, Analytics, and Research Computing

The Data, Analytics, and Research Computing (DARC) team engages directly with faculty members, preparing large-scale datasets, assisting with data analysis, and consulting on research design. DARC research computing specialists manage our on-premise GSB research servers, providing the storage, memory, and processing necessary for computationally intensive research.

Support Unit

Behavioral Lab

The Behavioral Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory designed for the study of human subjects. Laboratory staff and resources are available to all Stanford GSB faculty and PhD students to support research that uses human participants.

Research Labs & Initiatives

We house multiple labs and initiatives that enable faculty research, drive innovation, and promote interaction among academic disciplines and across audiences.

Support Unit

Research Operations

The Research Operations team supports internal Research Hub operations as well as customized publications and website development for Research Hub Labs and Initiatives and other clients.

The Hubbub: AI Supplement

A spin-off of The Hubbub: News from the Research Hub, the AI Supplement is a new and evolving channel for discussing AI developments at the GSB. This content is available to GSB faculty, staff, and doctoral students.