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Human Subjects Research

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Human Subjects Research

Behavioral Lab specialists can facilitate your human subjects research with expertise in online surveys, in-person experiments, and behavioral research technology such as eye tracking, virtual reality, and psychophysiology.

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Online Surveys and Subject Panels

The B-Lab staff can build surveys for you, and collect thousands of online respondents in days or hours. We have collected more than 1.5M survey responses in the past 3 years.

In-Person Laboratory Experiments

Test your behavioral hypotheses in a controlled lab environment with real subjects. The lab can handle single-person study sessions to sessions with tens of people at a time.

Behavioral Technology

Virtual Reality

The lab has two Oculus headsets and we can create virtual environments for research. They can be paired with psychophysiology measurements for a richer dataset in an easily manipulated environment.

Eye Tracking

The lab has two Tobii fully-integrated computer screens for use with 2 dimensional stimuli and websites. Also, there are two Tobii goggles for subjects to use in 3 dimensional situations, such as dyadic negotiations or shopping aisle scenarios.


Biopac is a standard technology that is used for measuring physiological responses to stimuli, such as heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and galvanic skin response.


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