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Research Planning

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Research Planning

No matter where you are in the research process, the core units of the Research Hub work together to provide support for all aspects of planning out your project. We bring together a team of experts and specialists for your individual research needs.

Every research project has different requirements, and Research Hub staff have unique skillsets that enable them to self-organize into cross-functional teams that can tackle the needs of even the most complex projects. We partner with each researcher to understand their needs and provide custom solutions that meet them. Depending on the project, this can range from comprehensive project planning assistance to a single specialized consultation on a thorny research issue. Early consultation and collaboration can help open up research pathways, eliminate potential roadblocks, and speed up the research process.

Finding the right resources can be a challenge. In addition to traditional print and electronic resources, the GSB Library licenses data from hundreds of data providers. Applying deep subject-matter expertise, our data consultants point researchers to licensed data sources that provide information responsive to many research questions down to the variable level.

If the data you need is not available through Library sources, our Data Acquisition and Governance team can help identify untapped data sources and novel data providers. We can advise on the negotiation and implementation of data licensing agreements. We can also advise on data collection and cleaning. The Behavioral Lab specializes in gathering human subjects data and ensuring compliance issues are understood. Both in-lab experiments and large and small-scale survey design and implementation are supported.

The Data, Analytics, and Research Computing (DARC) team can assist with data analysis, research design, and storage and compute systems that may be needed to support computationally intensive research. Establishing data collection strategies and analysis needs in advance can expedite experiment design and results.

Finally, we can help you complete the research cycle by providing support for data and research publishing and access, along with preservation systems to ensure that research data and results are available to the scholarly community.

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