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Big Data Projects

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Big Data Projects studies the application of statistical modeling and AI technologies to healthcare.

Mohsen Bayati studies probabilistic and statistical models for decision-making with large-scale and complex data and applies them to healthcare problems. Currently, an area of focus is AI’s use in oncology, and multi-functional research efforts are underway between the GSB and the School of Medicine. For example, AI is the right technology for oncology treatment decision-making methods because of its ability to synthesize rich patient data into prospective individual-level actionable recommendations and retrospectively learn from those decisions at scale.

However, the current set of AI technologies are focused heavily on detection and diagnosis, and major challenges remain in accessing and using the rich set of patient data for the oncologist’s patient-specific treatment decision. The clinical workflow then becomes mainly experience-driven, leading to many care disparities and with many hand-offs between oncology specialists. Dr. Bayati’s research enables developing an oncologist-centric decision support tool to push oncological decision-making and AI research further and in a multidisciplinary way by using AI for day-to-day oncology treatment decisions. He also studies graphical models and message-passing algorithms.


Mohsen Bayati, Faculty Director