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Sports Management Initiative

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The Sports Management Initiative conducts research and develops teaching materials related to the diverse business of sports.

Areas of Initiatives

Research on Areas Related to the Sports World

  • Coach and General Manager Exit Analysis in NBA and NFL
  • Drafting Efficiency in MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL
  • Gini Coefficient analysis of Team Payrolls in MLB and NBA

Case Development

Each year, the aim is to develop new cases that stay at the frontiers of decision-making in the sports industry. Examples in recent years include cases in College Sports, Leagues (Premier Lacrosse League), Clubs (Golden State Warriors), and motor racing (Sonoma Raceway).

Course Material Updates

  • GSBGEN360 Sports Business Management
  • GSBGEN339 Negotiation Dynamics in Sports, Entertainment, and Media

Case/Assignment  Book for Sports Business Management

Decision Making Around The Globe (2020). This is an online Case/Assignment book that is regularly updated. This is a platform for instructors in many universities to sizably upgrade the material used in their sports management courses. 

Faculty and Staff

George Foster, Faculty Director
George Drysdale, Research Analyst
Carlos Shimizu, Research Analyst
Brandon Smith, Academic Program Professional
Cornelis J.P. van der Wal, Academic Program Professional