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Research Labs and Initiatives

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We support GSB faculty-directed research labs and initiatives that foster innovation and collaboration among academics, industry leaders, and policy makers.

Peter Wegner, ''Monument to Change as It Changes"

Big Data Projects

Big Data Projects studies the application of statistical modeling and AI technologies to healthcare.


Cities, Housing, and Society Lab

The Cities, Housing, and Society Lab (CHS) identifies mechanisms and policies that create thriving neighborhoods and cities, and improve the lives of all residents.

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Corporate Governance Research Initiative

The Corporate Governance Research Initiative (CGRI) examines issues facing corporations and their boards, including compensation, governance, and CEO succession.

Corporations and Society Initiative

The Corporations and Society Initiative (CASI) engages in dialogue, learning, and leadership at the intersection of markets, businesses, governments, and society to promote more accountable capitalism and governance.


Golub Capital Social Impact Lab

The lab uses technology and social science to support and guide innovation in the social sector and address economic inequality.


Rapid Decarbonization Initiative

The Rapid Decarbonization Initiative (RDI) examines the challenges and opportunities for the electricity, transportation, and industrial sectors that emerge from the transition to a decarbonized energy future.

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Sports Management Initiative

The Sports Management Initiative conducts research and develops teaching materials related to the diverse business of sports.


Value Chain Innovation Initiative

The Value Chain Innovation Initiative (VCII) works to advance the understanding of how technology, sustainability, and trade are driving innovation in business, industries, and value chains.


Venture Capital Initiative

The Venture Capital Initiative (VCI) brings together faculty, staff, students, and practitioners to advance and promote research and teaching on innovation and venture capital.